Clix & ValU 12 months installment promo

Now with Clix & ValU get your favorite product and enjoy a 12 months installment plan with no prepayment, no interest, follow the below steps to earn your next great product:

  1. Download the ValU App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store using the following link:
  2. After downloading the application and signing up for a ValU account head to the nearest ValU branch to activate your account
  3. After activating the ValU Account, log on and browse the various products
  4. Choose your desired product
  5. Add the product you selected to your cart
  6. Click on the cart on the top right corner and then proceed to checkout
  7. Enter your personal details (name, phone number, address, …)
  8. Choose ValU as your payment method and click “Proceed”
  9. Enter your phone number and add a prepayment (optional)
  10. Choose the “12 months” installment Plan
  11. Click “Confirm” and you will receive a text message with the OTP code from ValU
  12. You will get a notification of the transaction success and an email afterwards
  13. You shall pay the administrative fees on delivery

We wish you a pleasant experience 🙂

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